Jurlique Limited Edition Box

This month Believe Beautonomy starts with the limited edition of the Beauty Box. Find out why hundreds of people on the waiting list of the Beauty Box in the limited edition of Jurlique.

Since its beginnings over 30 years ago, Jurlique has been a pioneer in the South Australian Hills for the refined art of treating botanical skin.

What Is Jurlique?


Jurlique, founded in the 1980s by Ulrike and Jurgen Klein has always focused mainly on the purity of the ingredients. Ulrike, horticulture and Botany, specializing in herbal cultivation. Jurgen, biochemist and natural scientist, has developed the original formulas behind our skin care products. Both were determined to use their deep knowledge of Botany and biochemistry to release the healing powers of nature to grow a radiant, healthy skin. They have fulfilled this task by personally managing and protecting the farms from which the main ingredients originated, because they felt that no product produced solely in a laboratory could have the same strong and nutrient-rich power. By Jurlique neglected the production process with Knowledge, care and precision, to take advantage of the nature at its peak, it offers luxury products directly from the best natural sources, as well as a traditional laboratory.

What’s In The Jurlique Limited Edition Box?

So what exactly is in the packaging of this limited edition box? Well, it’s a complete set of all the things that you need to start a new skin regime!

Each pack contains 6 products, including both full size and deluxe, with a value of more than $ 185 at the price of $ 55 of a store. The product includes, but is not only your Rose Hand Cream, your foaming skin cleaner and your international bestseller, The water-balancing mist of rose Jurlique!

In addition, each limited edition has an exclusive magazine with the special advice and Tricks of Skinstors and Jurliques, together with a tribute of 3 hydrogenated Mists!

A Rose By The Name Of Jurlique

Jurlique designed, cultivated and used the moisture of the roses, until you formatted your formula in the recovered fog the roses revolution. Thanks to new innovative discoveries, the mists and future products have been redesigned to become more powerful, sensory and fluid than ever before. The fog has, in particular the excerpt from the exclusive Jurlique Rose for the improvement of the skin barrier, the marshmallow root extract to maintain the moisture balance, and Aloe Vera leaf extract for hydrating, softening and restoring the balance of the skin. The new formula was found by 89% of the users to leave the skin fresh and fresh after a single application.

The waiting list is almost full!

Days after their unveiling, more than 400 people sat on the waiting list! But don’t worry, we still have time to take over one of these luxurious beauty thieves. While these products hydrate your skin all day, this box will not hold!

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